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We are so happy you found us. In our collection you will find gourgeous dresses to delight your days. Click top menu to shop and look what we have designed for you.

Popular Dresses

Our wonderful, unique and recognizable prints are created in Finland, Turku archipelago. Our products have the Design from Finland brand.

Prints are printed in Europe and our materials have the ekotex brand. The dresses are sewn in Turku and Tallinn. Where quality is strongest. Ethical values ​​are very important to us.



We at MyOlsson want you to feel comfortably stylish every day. We pay a lot attention to the feel of the materials we use in our dresses. We want you to have fun and have wonderful experiences in your MyOlsson.


MyOlsson dresses and tunics are very versatile to many situations and styles. You can easily change the look of the dress by changing shoes and other accessories. We want to celebrate your own unique look.


MyOlsson’s models are perfectly optimized to bring out your best. Our design is based on the measurements of hundreds of beautiful and unique women. That’s why our dressed fit for amazingly many women. For curvy and slender.


I design unique and uplifting dresses that boost your spirit and brighten your days. To me, a dress should embody flattering tayloring, luxurious comfort and an enchanting, unique twist. MyOlsson was founded over a degade ago, and I am very grateful and thrilled to see your reactions to the prints, tailoring and vibe of this year´s collection.-Mallu Olsson.


Our warm-hearted boutique can be found in Finland, Turku. We love to help you find dresses with the right colors and feelings from our carefully designed collection. Our mission is to provide you happy, easy and stylish dress days.​

TI-PE 11-18

LA 11-15

Kauppiaskatu 11, Turku, Finland 040 514 0410

We deliver to all EU countries

After choosing your purchase, place your order easily and securely in our online store. We offer shipping cost.​

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